Craig Farrington Guitar, Vocals, Writer

Craig heard the Beatles in 1964 and decided that playing guitar would be a lot more fun than being a Boy Scout.  He played in numerous High School bands and when he went to UMass Amherst he answered an ad looking for a blues guitarist from a local blues legend Ed Vadas.  When he started he did not have a clue of what the real blues was.  After 4 years of doing 20 dates a month, he had the chance to listen to most of the Chess library and developed his own style heavily influenced by Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, and Michael Bloomfield.
After taking some time to heal from the 4 years on the road with The Ed Vadas Big City Blues Band Craig joined a Blues Rock Band in New Hampshire called l.A. East R&B Band. There he played with 3 members of this current act and performed numerous dates throughout Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. This band shared the stage with Ritchie Havens, Joe Perry, John Hammond and others. After 3 years Craig left to get married, raise a family, and cure some issues he had picked up on the way.
In 2010 he was contacted by the drummer of L.A. East and asked if he would like to perform a reunion show.  He did and it was like he had never left the stage. Blues Tonight is the end product of that reunion show.  Hopefully a lot smarter, more disciplined, and extremely thankful for having the opportunity to perform again with a group of people that he respects, both as musicians and people Craig is back playing and singing the Blues and loving every minute of it.


Steve Brooks – Bass Guitar

Steve Brooks began playing the guitar at the young age of 11, after seeing the Lewis Brothers playing electric guitars around the campfire in Maine. This event, and after discovering the Ventures music, Steve was hooked on the electric guitar “sound” for life.
Steve took up the bass guitar in 1974 to go play the show band circuit with friends from High School.
After countless different bands, Steve helped found LA East, a blues band from Laconia. LA East played hundreds of shows in the early eighties, also recording a 45 RPM record with songs written by co-member Craig Farrington. They also opened for The Joe Perry Project and Richie Havens, amongst others.
Now, reuniting with several of LA East original members, Steve is greatly enjoying playing the blues again!


Erik Anderson – Drums

Hi, my name is Erik M. Anderson - 41 years young. I'm happily married with three children; 2 Gingers and 1 Blonde, (My wife is a Blonde as well), My first experience with a drumset was when I was 8 yrs. old; they involved Yoo-Hoo, Scooter Pies, AC/DC, and Bill Hailey & the Comets. I started playing out in 1994 with an original tunes band called Bazooka Jo (yes Jo-like a girl). Since then I've played in several cover bands lugging my gear as far West as Plattsburgh, NY as far North as almost Pittsburgh NH , East to Hampton Beach NH, and South,(once) to Kenny's Castaways in NY, NY. Now I am playing with some 'seasoned ' gentlemen who are mentoring me in honest hard working blues that you can really sink your dentures into.



Dave Bottom Guitar, Vocals, Writer

Dave picked up his first guitar from a dime store and started teaching himself to play. After flirting with pop music Dave was introduced to blues via the famed British Invasion. That influence underlies the bluesy soloing that Dave brings to any music he plays. Dave played in a number of high school bands and after stint in the USN joined forces with Steve Brooks for the short lived Bumpy Action. A year or so later Dave was asked to join L.A. East and performed dates all over New England during the next few years. After leaving the band Dave moved to Maine where he performed with several different acts including the all original St. Amand.
In 2010 Dave rejoined fellow band mates Steve Brooks and Craig Farrington for the L.A. East reunion show. The feel and energy of that show convinced Dave that they needed to stick together and they formed Blues Tonight.


Alan Doyle - Harp and Vocals

I have always had a passion for the blues. My favorite thing about the blues is the way every artist put his touch and feeling into the music. I picked up my first harp in the early 80's and have never really put it down. My biggest influences are James Cotton and Little Walter. I just kept playing their albums trying to play like them and I am still trying to get their sound and tone. In 2005 joined the band Smokehouse Lightning playing with them for 6 years.
Had the pleasure of opening for The Chris Duarte Group,Sugar Blue,Chris Beard Band,The Bellevue Cadillacs,The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Joan Jett and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now I travel to the crossroads to start a new journey with Blues Tonight lets see where the road goes!

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